Bob Fuller Blacksmith

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Bob Fuller - Blacksmith

Bob Fuller, Blacksmith, has been producing quality metalwork & steel fabrications for domestic and commercial clients for over 40 years.
Bob is able to work with everything from small decorative items to larger, more practical domestic fabrications. His commitment to providing excellent workmanship and friendly service is as strong as the iron he works with.
    Ironwork Gate    Iron & Glass Canopy    Stair Rail
  Bersted Info Sign    Fire Escape    Bookies Anchorage

Bob, with his 40 years of blacksmith experience, is often called upon to design and advise on engineering problems that may befall other companies.

He invented the Bookmakers Anchorage device, seen on every racecourse in the UK and has erected hundreds of steel framed shops on Sainsbury’s petrol filling stations all over the country.


Some examples of our work

  • Balustrade Balustrade
  • Wrought Iron Church Gates Wrought Iron Church Gates
  • Light Fitting Light Fitting
  • Decorative Wrought Ironwork Balcony Decorative Wrought Ironwork Balcony
  • Signposts Signposts
  • Wrought Iron Canopy Wrought Iron Canopy
  • Decorative Ironwork Balustrade Decorative Ironwork Balustrade
  • Wrought Iron Gates Wrought Iron Gates
  • Bognor Regis Pier Bognor Regis Pier
  • Bookmakers Anchorage Bookmakers Anchorage
  • Wrought Iron Gates Wrought Iron Gates
  • Dolphin Sculpture Dolphin Sculpture
  • Sainsbury Petrol Filling Station Coleraine Sainsbury Petrol Filling Station Coleraine
  • Eagle Sculpture Eagle Sculpture
  • Ironwork Gates Ironwork Gates
  • Wrought ironwork Restoration Wrought ironwork Restoration
  • Beachfront Trampoline Enclosures Beachfront Trampoline Enclosures
  • Ornate Wrought Iron Gates Ornate Wrought Iron Gates
  • Crocodile Sculpture Crocodile Sculpture
  • Wrought Iron Gates Wrought Iron Gates
  • Community Building Fire Escapes Community Building Fire Escapes
  • Garden Gate Garden Gate
  • The Scream Sculpture The Scream Sculpture
  • Sainsburys Filling Station Cobham Sainsburys Filling Station Cobham
  • Tree Seat Tree Seat
  • Stair Bannister Stair Bannister
  • Stair Bannister Stair Bannister
  • Ornate Ironwork Gate Ornate Ironwork Gate
  • Glass Balcony Glass Balcony